State and Local Taxation in Royal Oak

With so many different rules and regulations within and in-between states, it’s important to have a professional who can help you understand which ones apply to you. Wenderski & Associates, CPA P.C.’s state and local taxation, or SALT, experts can make sure that you are not under- or over-paying your taxes.

At Wenderski & Associates, CPA P.C., we pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge of local tax obligations. We stay on top of the constantly changing tax codes and regulations so you can be confident with our tax services and your tax return.

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Wenderski & Associates, CPA P.C.’s SALT Accountants and Tax Services:

Our experience in state and local tax services allows us to provide you with strategic ways in which you can address tax burdens and other services. In the past, our clients have benefitted from SALT accounting advice on:

  • Income tax
  • Employment/payroll tax
  • Franchise tax
  • Asset and wealth management
  • Unclaimed property
  • …and more!

Local Tax Requirements

Our experts in local and state taxation can help you with several of your taxation needs. During your consultation, you’ll be able to benefit from our services such as:

  • Internal tax account processing
  • Local/state transactions
  • Evaluation
  • Audit representation and cloud taxation consultation
  • Multi-state individual taxation, compliant, and planning
  • Nexus studies
  • Compliance services including personal property tax
  • Local/state tax dispute

Staying Organized for State Income Tax Services

Understanding taxes that apply to you and deductions you may be entitled to can be difficult when you don’t have sufficient experience in tax services. Keeping yourself organized so that you’re prepared for tax filing and potential audits can feel equally as difficult.

When you use our services, we’ll be able to help you become and stay organized with your tax documentation. This will make the tax filing process much easier and allow us to provide you with better guidance. If you’re unsure about what documents you need, get in touch with one of our advisors and we can help you identify and locate the ones you’ll personally need.

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State Tax Deductions

When tax regulations change, people often fear that they will end up paying more in personal or business taxes. However, there are several tax deductions that our clients don’t take advantage of before they meet with us. We often find ways to increase our client’s tax return by applying for benefits and making deductions particular to them individually. Here are a few of the tax deductions our clients had previously overlooked before using our services.

  • Education
  • School supplies
  • Job expenses
  • Donations to charity

Our tax knowledge will also help you determine if the sales or income taxes will provide you with the largest tax breaks and how to pursue filing the one for you.

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